Our clients both human and canine mean the world to us and helping them move past stressful or traumatic experiences is what we love most. Here are some of their success stories.



and Sydney

I can’t express enough gratitude for the incredible work done by the Calm Dog Studio, particularly their skilled dog groomer, Kelsey, who worked wonders with our large and powerful Cane Corso, Jefe. Our beloved Jefe had been through quite a traumatic ordeal due to improper handling at various vet clinics. His size and strength made it incredibly challenging for us to manage basic examinations, let alone any procedures involving needles. It was a situation that seemed hopeless and daunting for us as his owners.

Enter Calm Dog Studio. From the moment we reached out to them, we were met with understanding, compassion, and most importantly, expertise. They assured us that they could help Jefe overcome his fears and anxieties, allowing him to be handled safely and comfortably. Through regular conditioning visits and their gentle, patient approach, Jefe began to show remarkable progress. The team at Calm Dog Studio created a safe and supportive environment where Jefe could gradually build trust and confidence. They understood his needs and respected his boundaries, ensuring that he remained under threshold throughout the process.

Today, thanks to the dedication and expertise of Calm Dog Studio, Jefe is a transformed dog. He not only tolerates being handled but can also undergo procedures involving needles without distress. This achievement has been life-changing for us as pet owners, as it opens up a world of possibilities for Jefe’s future care.

We now feel confident in transferring Jefe’s newfound confidence to vet visits, knowing that he has the skills and resilience to handle whatever comes his way. The Calm Dog Studio has truly been a game-changer for us, and we cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you for giving our beloved Jefe the care and support he needed to thrive.

Robbie the Collie


and Val

After 25 years living with Bernese Mountain Dogs, my husband and I switched breeds and got a rough collie pup.  In spite of best intentions and researching the breed, we were not prepared for the keen intelligence and needs that made our boy, Robbie, overly reactive in many common settings.  We took him to puppy class and 2 sessions with a private trainer.  At one point, I even questioned whether we were the right family for him.  My confidence was at a low ebb, as I had trained all of our Berners with good success. We needed help.  Calm Dog Studio came up often when I asked around for good people who work with canine anxiety, so I gave them a call and explained our situation.  Kelsey agreed to meet Robbie for an initial visit, even though their client list was at capacity.  Kelsey put Robbie at ease right away; just swept him up in her fun-loving way, clipped his nails (first time ever!) and became his fast friend from then on.

Kelsey and Kaila brought out the best in Robbie – and in me.  I’m so grateful to know these two young women who boosted Robbie’s confidence, and my own.  They are professional, loving and brimming with positive energy!  And they really know dogs!  Every dog is a “good dog” in their eyes; just different eccentricities.  Robbie is now a year old and truly the light of my life.  We have a bond like none other and he is maturing beautifully.  I can’t thank Kelsey and Kaila enough for the tremendous support they have offered to Robbie and to our family.