About Us

You’re our kind of people if you:

  • See the value of keeping up with grooming
  • Want to invest in your dog’s health and happiness
  • Want to create the most positive experience for your dog
  • Want to work on training/conditioning with your fearful or reactive dog

Meet our team

Kelsey Portrait

Hey, I’m Kelsey!

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to dogs and felt a deep connection to them. I started volunteering in rescue at the age of 16 and got my first full time job as a dog bather at the age of 18.  My passion for rescue and my career in grooming have grown alongside each other over the last two decades. Travelling the world doing rescue work gave me a special set of skills handling and working with fearful dogs. I found myself applying these skills in my grooming career which then led me to spend the next decade furthering my education in dog training.

 In March of 2021 I had the opportunity to officially combine my career and passion to create a business where we specialize in grooming and working with dogs who have major behavioural issues. This has become my greatest joy in life to have created a program and environment where dogs can thrive and find both the trust and confidence needed to overcome their issues. In the 20 years I’ve been working with dogs I can truly say that everything I’ve explored and learned thus far has led me to be the proud owner of our award winning business, The Calm Dog Studio.

Kaila Portrait

And I’m Kaila!

I have loved animals since I was very young and it was my first trip to the groomers with my dog Pebbles that piqued my interest in choosing grooming as a career. I started with a work experience in high school shadowing a mobile groomer which then led me to dive in head first into a 2.5 month long grooming course. Over the the next decade I groomed in multiple capacities and ended up becoming a teacher at a grooming school.

In 2015 I needed a change so I moved from Regina to Victoria with the dream of owning my own business. After working for a few different companies I realized how ready I was to make my dreams a reality. When Kelsey and I met and realized that we had the same dream, we teamed up to take everything we knew about different grooming environments to create a space where we knew dogs would thrive. I’ve always had a natural confidence and understanding of dog’s energy and body language so working together with Kelsey dealing with behavioural cases came very naturally. Both teaching and helping dogs overcome their fears has become the biggest passion in my life and I’ve fallen in love with our business and the work we do.

Dog named Jake


We are so thrilled we found The Calm Dog Studio. We tried the vet to help with our dog’s nail trauma, they only made things worse, and suggested sedation. Enter Kelsey and Kaila and their reward based real therapy. Cautious, caring treatment with amazing results. Jake can’t wait to get there and doesn’t want to leave.

Dog named Diesel


We would like the thank The Calm Dog Studio for the success of trimming Diesels nails. After many peanut butter incidences on the forehead and having to be anaesthetized for every nail trimming appointment, it’s been life changing having the ladies help him. After only a few sessions Diesel can now have his nails trimmed with no fear. We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and patience with him!